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Sano&Bello Dental Cleaner Elanco

Sano&Bello Dental Cleaner Elanco

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Sano&Bello Dental Cleaner

The Dental Cleaner are chewable sheets for the dog's dental hygiene that prevent the formation of tartar naturally and eliminate bad breath. Chewing the sheets helps prevent the formation of tartar, which darkens teeth, causes bad breath and threatens oral health. Furthermore, the composition of the sheets makes them highly recommended for use as a complement in diets for dogs with weight problems. They are low in calories but provide essential substances and have a satiating effect.

How does the Dental Cleaner work?

Dental Cleaner facilitates natural cleaning of your dog's teeth. The intense and long-lasting chewing of the snack causes the tartar to be effectively removed mechanically, stimulating the release of endogenous enzymes by the body itself. These enzymes contribute to dental cleaning. The chewy sheets are so appetizing that the animal swallows them completely.

Format: 140gr



Beef skin, Dextrose, Sorbitol, Maltodextrins, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Beef and poultry by-products, flavoring, Spirulina 0.2483%, Yeasts.

Analytical components

Pure protein: 72% Pure fat: 1.5% Pure fiber: 1.5% Crude ash: 2.2%

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