Natural calcium G-05 canaluz

    Natural calcium G-05 canaluz

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    Natural calcium G-05 canaluz, completely natural product, without additives or chemicals.

    special for pigeons, roosters, parrots, parrots, etc.

    G-05 is a larger grain, created for parrots, laying hens (essential for egg formation) and fighting cocks (reinforcing their bone system)

    This calcium is the fruit of several years of work and research with great breeders. It is a unique product on the market, with unsurpassed quality. Unique in porosity, for total absorption. No preservatives or chemicals, since it comes from natural limestone.

    Unlike others, it does not contain marble, which the bird does not assimilate and makes the product cheaper.

    Nor does it contain ground shell, which the bird does not digest and produces small cuts in the throat.


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