Micotox from ForteBird (mycotoxin binder)

    Micotox from ForteBird (mycotoxin binder)

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    Micotox is a mixture of oregano extract, organic acids, yeasts, hydrated silicates, antioxidants, sulfates and natural powder extracts whose active ingredients bind to aflatoxins.

    It acts as a sequestrant of mycotoxins produced by fungi.

    Micotox neutralizes the toxic effect of mycotoxins through bio-transformation processes.

    Micotox also acts on toxins of bacterial origin, such as salmonella, echerichia coli, among others.

    It is not only preventive, but also effectively helps in the intoxication processes already present in birds.

    As it is not a medicine, the intestinal flora is not at risk of being damaged.



    Instructions for use: Administer 2 grams of Micotox for each kilogram of food, be it seeds, feed or breeding paste.

    Composition: Contains extracts of oregano, a mixture of organic acids, hydrated silicates, yeasts, sulfates and antioxidants.

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