Avifor Forte Ornizin

    Avifor Forte Ornizin

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    Thanks to a unique mixture of natural plants and amino acids, AVIFOR FORTE stabilizes and improves the digestive system of birds. It keeps the intestines in perfect condition, without inflammation, ensuring excellent length of intestinal flows and optimal development of the intestinal mucosa and microbiome. This is essential to protect the body from parasites, viruses and bacteria.

    Benefits of AVIFOR FORTE

    - Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anticotic, Anticoccidiotic: Total protection against infections and parasites.

    - L-glutamine: Promotes the regeneration and maintenance of intestinal cells.

    - Butyrate: Helps maintain the integrity of the intestinal mucosa.

    - Oregano: antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    - Garlic: natural antibacterial and antiviral

    - Cinnamon: Improves digestion and has antifungal properties.

    - Thymus: Promotes respiratory health and has antibacterial properties.

    - Byproducts of plant origin: They provide essential nutrients and fiber.

    - Natural organic acids: support digestion and maintain intestinal pH balance.

    - L-Glutamine and Butyrate: the key to intestinal well-being

    L-Glutamine and Butyrate are crucial components of AVIFOR FORTE. L-Glutamine promotes intestinal cell regeneration, while Butyrate maintains the integrity of the intestinal mucosa. Together, they improve nutrient absorption, promote vitality and build strong immunity.

    Strengthens the immune system, Avoid antibiotics

    It is essential to regularly administer AVIFOR FORTE to strengthen the immune system of our birds. A healthy intestine is the first line of defense against diseases, allowing the use of medications and antibiotics to be reduced.

    Format: 250ml

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