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Plasmoral Digest Small and Medium Breeds Pharmadiet

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Plasmoral Digest Small and Medium Breeds

Plasmoral Digest 30 Sachets is a food supplement in single-dose powder sachets for the treatment of prolonged diarrhea, indicated for dogs and cats. Therefore, it is an innovative formula based on nutrients of plasma origin and other nutrients that help with prolonged intestinal imbalances. Additionally, it supports a normal intestinal immune response for proper recovery.


Indicated for:

– Chronic diarrhea associated with vaccines

– Antibiotic therapies

– Changes in food ration

- Stress

– Intestinal disorders

– Sensitive and weakened gastrointestinal system.

– Helps maintain the barrier function of the intestinal epithelium.

– Helps maintain immunity in the intestinal mucosa, helping to reduce the incidence of diarrhea.

Small and Medium Breeds: Dogs and Cats

<10 kg – 1 sachet per day

10-20kg – 2 sachets a day