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Vetgastril plus Pharmadiet

Vetgastril plus Pharmadiet

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VetGastril Plus Gastric Protection Gel for Dogs and Cats Pharmadiet

VetGastril Plus Gel for Gastric Conditions in Pets contains a formula with nutrients that help your pet's gastrointestinal imbalances in general. It promotes proper digestion and is suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages.

This effectiveness in both diarrhea and vomiting is achieved in part due to its prebiotic content. Its formulation contains prebiotics such as FOS and MOS, which help establish the intestinal flora and probiotics balance it. With a more balanced flora, diarrhea disappears almost immediately.

Finally, its universality. It is suitable for almost any pet we may have at home.

VetGastril Plus Gel for Gastric Conditions in Pets is presented in containers of 20 and 50 ml with a dosing syringe.

container of; 50ml



Hydrolyzed chicken keratin, sorbitol, hydrolyzed porcine proteins, potassium chloride, sodium hyaluronate, chondroitin sulfate, cristobalite, dry extract of Aloe barbadensis leaves. Contains chicken proteins, sugars, preservatives and salt.

Does not contain dyes.

Additives per ml:

Trace elements: 5.00 mg of zinc (zinc sulfate monohydrate) (3b605).

Gelling agent: 20.0 mg sodium alginate (1d401).

Format: 50ml

Contributes per 100 ml:

Aloe barbadensis leaves 1.00 g.

Hydrolyzed keratin 220 mg.

Sodium alginate 20.0 mg.

Sodium hyaluronate 9.00 mg.

Chondroitin sulfate 9.00 mg.

Zinc 9.00 mg.

Analytical components:

Crude protein: 24%.

Crude fat: 0.5%.

Crude fiber: 0.4%.

Gross ash: 5.1%.

Humidity: 56%.

Energy value: 137 Kcal/100 gr (6 MJ/kg), 2 Kcal (7 kJ/ml)


Oral gel. Take 1-2 hours before your usual meal.

If preferred, divide into 2 daily doses.

Shake the vial and uncap it, then insert the syringe into the hole in the perforated stopper. Now invert the vial and withdraw the prescribed dose.

Put the vial in the initial position and remove the syringe. After administration, cap the vial and rinse the syringe with water.


Kittens (up to 5 kg): 1 ml per day.

Adult cats (5 to 10 kg): 2 ml per day.

Puppies (up to 5 kg): 1 ml.


Small dogs (5 to 10 kg): 2 ml per day.

Size of medium dogs (10 to 15 kg): 2 ml per day.

For large dogs (15 to 20 kg): 4 ml per day.

Very large dogs (20 to 25 kg and more): 5 ml per day.


Administer 0.2 ml of product per kg of weight per day.