Proteinbird Fortebird

    Proteinbird Fortebird

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    Proteinbird Food supplement of proteins, vitamins and minerals free of 100% carotenoids, without doré.

    Indicated to reinforce feeding during breeding periods and for the development of chickens.

    It is an extra contribution of proteins of high biological value for growth.

    Contains methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), ideal for maintaining the proper functioning of joints.

    Effectively helps maintain wings and tails.



    The specific formulation of vitamins and minerals promotes the appearance of heat in the breeders, increases fertility, improves laying rates and stimulates growth during the first months of the birds' life.

    Instructions for use: Administer 30-50g of product for each kilogram of breeding paste depending on the protein percentage of said breeding paste. It can be used daily during the breeding phase, as well as during the preparation of the breeders and the first three months of life in the young ones.

    Composition: Whey protein 83gr; Fats: 4.7gr; Carbohydrates: 4gr; Fiber: 0.12gr; Salts: 0.16gr.

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